The Christian Psychologist: Mental Health for 21st Century Christ Followers

My name is Dr. Joshua Knabb. I’m a board-certified clinical psychologist and 21st century Christ follower. Early in life, I experienced overwhelming psychological suffering, which led me down a path of wandering away from the Christian faith in my adolescent years, reminiscent of the Lost Son in Luke’s Gospel, returning to my Christian heritage in my early 20s, my own psychotherapy in my mid-20s, and, ultimately, a life committed to understanding and pursuing psychological and spiritual health as I now head into the middle years of my life. Please join me as we devote each week to better understanding secular and Christian perspectives on mental health and the intersection between psychology and Christianity, then engage in a 10-minute practice to conclude each episode, drawing upon Christian meditation, prayer, and contemplation. Above all else, my aim in this podcast is to journey with fellow Christ followers, as well as those who are curious about the rich heritage of Christian psychological and spiritual insights into the human condition, doing so with humility and curiosity as we strive to cultivate Christlikeness in all we do.

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The information in this podcast is intended to be educational and in no way a form of, or substitute for, professional counseling or psychotherapy. If you are in crisis or suicidal, please call 9-1-1, go to the local emergency room, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. If you need a Christian mental health professional, referral networks can be found at the American Association of Christian Counselors ( or Christian Association for Psychological Studies ( websites.

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